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25 May 2012 @ 09:46 pm
Post #004 Icon Trove [49 icons]  

Trying some slightly new things, a lot of playing around with layers in psp7. Pretty happy with the results. I would be screencapping Arrietty right now, but -__-" for some reason it doesn't want to convert to .avi. *SWT* So, hopefully we will see some icons for them soon~~~ Quite a few video game icons this time, especially since I recently beat Heavy Rain. And, if you like video games at all, you should SO, SO try it out ^^.

** Please credit to herringboned or omni_dragon, thank you!


What you Will Find:
+ Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan x05
+ Heavy Rain x12
+ Kazuaki Art x08
+ Kuroko no Basuke x10
+ L.A. Noire x09
+ The X-Files x06

Credits  || Requests
neo out.