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12 May 2012 @ 11:47 pm
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Here are all of my tags, this way you may find what you are looking for much easier.
,  SupernaturalThe Vampire DiariesThe X-Files

Angel Sanctuary,
Basara, EscaflowneFinal Fantasy 7: Advent ChildrenFull Moon Wo SagashiteGundam WingHakuoki Shinsengumi KitanHowl's Moving CastleKuroko no Basuke / The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays, LovelessParfait TicSecret World of Arrietty

Original Art

Kazuaki ArtMonoberry Illustrations

Video Games

Heavy RainL.A. NoireLittle Big PlanetSamurai Warriors

Bring Me The HorizonGacktKinKi KidsLee Jun KiLudoMiyavi, SE7EN, Takki & TsubasaWheesung

Friend's Only Banners
Friend's Only

Feel free to watch the me to stay on top of Icon updates, I will update often.
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25 June 2012 @ 11:00 pm
Firstly, I want to apologize, these icons have been sitting and sitting on my computer just waiting to be posted. It's been a couple of weeks since I last updated. I have been working on my website, skyblade.org and have been making decks at a popular online TCG. So, I have been neglecting this journal a tad. But, not anymore ~~ I now have a new layout featuring the MiraGen from Kuroko no Basket. And, 42 icons for you as well. Happy to have all TVD on here. This show snuck up on me, I wasn't expecting to like it. Damon Salvatore <3.
** Please credit to herringboned or omni_dragon, thank you!


What you Will Find:
+ The Secret World of Arrietty x02
+ Escaflowne x09
+ Heavy Rain x17
+ The Vampire Diaries x14

To the icons...Collapse )

Credits  || Requests
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